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Videos captured with a Fideocam system can be distributed to multiple different kinds of devices. Fideocam Deliver is a versatile distribution solution that makes it possible to browse video clips using a computer, a mobile phone or even a set top box. Using several different methods allows the service operator reach the audience anywhere they go. The most common solution is integrating Fideocam Deliver as a module inside the service provider’s own web site.

 The Deliver service lets visitors browse thumbnail of clips by weekday and time. Length of the archive depends on the service provider, but it can be anything up to a week. Users are able to publish clips ie. make the video clips visible to all users by sending a premium SMS to a given number. It is also possible that all clips are free to view for couple of days and only the published clips are saved permanently on the site.

All website users can rate each published clip with 1-5 star ratings. A top-10 list of highest votes is generated for the current week. Latest thumbnail image is available for use on other websites. If a user likes a clip they can send a link by viral marketing email message to their friend. All published clips are syndicated in an RSS feed. In addition to these basic features a social network functionality and forum for commenting are under development.

The first version was implemented in ASP.NET, but the current second generation Deliver is built with PHP. Initially ASP.NET was chosen to make it easier to transcode files to Windows Media format on the server side. New solution was adopted, because hosting on Apache was more cost-effective and encoding is already handled at the Core. There is an extension for Joomla! content management system under development.

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