Enterprise video communications

Picture tells a story of thousand words and a moving image may reveal even more. Companies are starting to embrace more open communication practices in their internal and external communications. Since video is becoming accessible it is no surprise new technology is being adopted by corporations around the globe. The repercussions of this development are unclear, but in the long run new skills will definitely be required at every level.

Politics was permanently changed when television became the dominant medium, MTV killed the radio star and Internet search engines removed the need for encyclopedias. Now online video might have similarly drastic effects in the work environment. New solutions for webcasting and video conferencing have become much more accessible communication media. An inspiring public speaker may start leaving customers and co-workers cold if they can’t learn to engage their audiences also on video. Similarly new interactive tools also require new kinds of media skills from the participants in the discussion.

Even though old habits die hard we have seen old timers mastering use of email, message boards and instant messaging in the work place. Technically starting to use a new tools is not a big leap as such. Only by really embracing the tools you can start understanding how the medium affects your communication style. Changing with the times might require an improbable feat of adapting a whole new paradigm of communication. On the other hand enterprise video may bring back good old face-to-face communication skills and come natural to some.

Eventually a whole new generation that has grown with sharing their thoughts in moving image will start entering the workforce. For them tools like telepresence, webcasts and video archives might be the de facto medium of choice. Clashes between generations will occur and we should interpret it as a sign of progress. In the end only the generations after us can tell what was the significance of these developments in human communication technology.

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  1. 1 Telepresence Forum August 27, 2008 at 9:02 am

    “For them tools like telepresence, webcasts and video archives might be the de facto medium of choice.”

    No “might” about it, it will.

    L II, Inc.

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