Getting worried

This blog is not about mobile technology, but I just have to comment on the latest news on that front. There seems to be a major shift in the workings and I’m getting really worried. In the past Nokia has always been the dominant player in all market segments for mobile end devices. Now it seems Nokia is slipping out of the game. Of course Nokia may still have huge volume and be relevant in the economical market, but it is a slippery slope. Technology matures and will eventually be expected also in the cheapest devices. For the sake of the finnish economy I hope they have something really nifty cooking.

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  1. 1 fideocam April 14, 2009 at 10:06 pm

    I’ve avoided developing for Symbian like a plague since I did a short two-day introductory course on the subject. Consequently I was not surprised by Nokia Ovi Store getting a bit of a bashing in VentureBeat comments recently. It is no wonder considering that people in the mobile services industry don’t want Nokia to be even more dominant and the players outside just don’t see the platform as worthwhile to develop for. Nokia Q1 results are due soon and unfortunately the results are unlikely to be anything too spectacular. After drastic subcontractor cuts Nokia will still be on the blue and has time to shed its skin.

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