Camera hunting

I have already been on the market for a good solid DSLR for couple of years now. We are in a happy position to have an additional member to the family. Interest to record such life changes gives a good push to re-evaluate camera gear. Right now it is the dark time of the year so low light performance counts, but improved video features are the key selling factor in many new cameras.

Even though shooting still photos would be my number one use scenario one of the key requirements in my hunt has been the ability to shoot HD video. Previously I have liked handling of Nikon’s products, but while the video still far away from 4k of the new JVC or RED products Canon’s new EOS 7D seems to have lot of the things I have been looking for:

  • external microphone
  • H.264 encoding
  • 8 fps continous shooting
  • AI Focus AF

I’m also keen to find out more about the remote HTTP controls and whether the feature would also  support video shooting through live preview.

All in all I’m really tempted, but there are some down sides to splurging at this moment. The kit is little bit expensive compared to what is available for a third of the price. The sensor is small so I might need to upgrade the glass later. I’m also bit worried how H.264 in .mov wrapper would  work together with H.264 in .avi containers from my AVCHD video cam.

Considering all this buying something in the mid-range and waiting a couple years might still be worth it. I’m still going to wait where the price stabilizes and whether Nikon can come back with an update to their line soon. Also let’s see when the new Samsung 8500 line comes out. I’ve been on the market for a new telly also.

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  1. 1 fideocam July 28, 2010 at 12:25 pm

    I went ahead and bought a Canon 550d instead of the 7d. This far I’m really happy with my purchase. In the end I couldn’t really justify spending twice as much on the body when the new models come out so often. I spent the money I saved on L-series glass and wait for an affordable full-frame body to come around.

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