Goals for life

Facing a new situation of having to balance work and  family life bit more carefully I have tried to re-evaluate my goals in life. As it happens these “new” priorities translate well to a company culture I would like to create.

  • do new things
  • do things for me
  • do something good

I think these goals can be deduced to ‘Doing good things that I would even use myself’.  Of course this mantra is nothing really revolutionary, but if you and me were to start something I think generally it would be good that we would have similar outlook on life.

Looking back I have been chasing dreams that have not really been in my reach at that point in time. Despite getting really close to what I thought would bring me happiness I’m still stuck in a merry-go-around. To be honest my career development has thus far been somewhat of a disappointment to me.  I have not just fallen short of the posts I have gone after, but I have failed to even qualify for some races. Encouragingly there have been couple of times where I’ve been interviewed for a position that I could have called a real breakthrough.

To motivate and re-energize myself in this situation I have come to the conclusion that I have to default to things that bring me happiness.  My core values are fairly simple as I believe in a kind of an engineering credo. It is all about a team effort and  sharing a grander vision.  I’m seeking personal fulfillment through learning new stuff and working on things that I find useful. For me the goal is staying ‘creative’. Pushing technology is the vehicle and new concepts the steam.

I do need to more closely direct my time,  but I want to have a life and live my life now. I need to keep fit (floorball, beach volley, bicycling) to succeed. I need to have time for myself and those other things in life (fishing, climbing, snowboarding, backpacking etc.) to enjoy life.  I refuse to let irrelevant things drain me mentally.  Family is an asset, not a liability.

I acknowledge there is certain romanticism to these thoughts. There is a real danger of defining your goals against the way things are now. I certainly haven’t lost hope and I still believe in Karma. Eventually good things come to those who wait. I wow to keep continuously improving and utilizing my strengths to make the maximum impact on things under my control.

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