Review: Vimeo app on Samsung 7 series tellys

I’m a big fan of Vimeo video sharing service. Mainly I’m just very happy with the quality of content (both technically and artistically speaking) available on the site, but the fact that my Samsung television is able to play the clips out of the box is a great bonus. I have been using the Internet@TV Vimeo app for some time now and I thought it would make sense to publish my thoughts about in form of a small review.

Initially as I had setup the television set and connected to the Internet I was using a 2Mbit/s ADSL line my company provided. The Vimeo app wasn’t really playing nice with the poor network connection. The video would stop annoyingly every 10 seconds to buffer and playing any content was a pain. It does not help that you don’t have a setting to increase the buffer size or watch videos only after they have fully loaded. I think this has as much to do with the platform as the app itself.

Eventually our company upgraded to a 8Mbit/s connection. Now I very rarely need to buffer anything. Everything starts playing pretty much instantaneously. The way the app is built however is little annoying. First of all you can’t stop video halfway and continue watching it later. After you come back to the app you can find the previously watched video, but at least for me the does not work or the app needs to upload the whole file from the start. Since most videos are kinda short (under 15 min) that is not a huge problem, but I think the app would be much better if you could jump around more effortlessly.

Also the information architecture of the app is really not doing it for me.

  • Channels
  • My Stuff
  • Watch Later
  • Search
  • Settings

The suggested channels are pretty ridiculous and there is no way to customize them. There is the Inbox under My Stuff where you can find things to watch, but I don’t understand why that shouldn’t be under Channels. In this day and age a channel does not need to be static contraption. Especially I don’t like the fact that clips you have watched already still show up in the channels and in the inbox as well. Also adding and removing clips to and from watch later list awkward as you need additional step to select the clip info page first.

Another of my pet peeves is related to how clip lists are shown. The grid format with preview pics is good, but I browsing videos would be much easier better if short part of the description text was shown. Since I’m currently the only user for vimeo app in our family there hasn’t been a need for separate accounts for different users in the family, but I would assume that would be useful. Maybe this is something the underlying Samsung platform could provide.

With all this criticism I have to say Vimeo is still my favourite app in the Samsung’s Interne@TV walled garden.

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  1. 1 fideocam November 21, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    One annoying thing I forgot to mention is that the app “logs out” every now and then forcing me to activate the account again. I haven’t figured out why, but it could be connected to home network changes (IP, subnet etc.).

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