BVS2018: Broadband Video Strategy 2018

Fifteen years ago I wrote my master’s thesis on the effects television digitalization was supposed to have on online video services. At the time the main finding was that offering video services through broadband connections in itself was likely to lack considerable added-value due to growing capacity in the television networks. Now, ten years after the previous review it would be a good time to look at what has happened and how introduction of 4k video (UHD) services will potentially change the market.

Since 2002 the market has followed the global mega trends also in Finland. Television show type services such as cable-tv and IPTV have been slowly, but surely losing customers to likes of Netflix. After initial surge pay-tv operators’ profits have started to decline. Only real-time sports is driving the market. Local broadcasters’ (Nelonen, MTV3) online offerings have matured, but the commercial model is unclear. New players like Veikkaus (gambling) have entered the market offering game streams for free.

The biggest winner has been user-generated content. Succesfull vloggers have gained celebrity status and draw huge numbers of viewers. You might even argue that it isn’t user-generated content anymore. Publishing houses (eg. magazines) are venturing out to do weekly or even daily shows that pamper their chosen audiences with new content on regular intervals. The automated sports services have not really gained market-share, but artificial intelligence could change that in the next ten years.

To understand better what will happen next additional analysis is needed. The methodology selected for the original study, PARTS-analysis introduced in Adam Brandenburger’s ja Barry Nalebuff’s book Co-opetition, will serve us well for this analysis also. In the following posts the five different aspects (Players, Added Values, Rules, Tactics, Scope) of the video services market will be analyzed.

Fideocam concept

Fideocam is a pioneer in automating video tools for personal experience capture.



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