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Review: Samsung A3 2017

I recently got a new camera, I mean phone. The trusty Lumia finally met its demise and company replaced it with Samsung A3. The first impresssions have been good, but in all honesty I haven’t been fully satisfied. There are some peculiar things that I’m not fond of.

  • Uploading photos does not work in Windows using the “Import pictures and videos” as the wizard finds thousands of photos and the phone lock itself too soon
  • For some reason Samsung decided to equip with the phone with the reversible USB Type C port as standard micro B would have worked fine
  • Standard Android would work fine so why push all that Samsung crap on the phone
  • The camera makes huge images, but the white balance is all screwed and low light quality is poor compared to several years old Lumia

The phone itself is snappy and the most important productivity apps (such as Clash Royale and Clash of Clans) work well. The camera starts fast with double-click of the button. With the help of my viiiiva heart rate strap Strave app is useful.

IoT hockey shot radar

I bought a cheap radar device to help training my wrist shot. The device is fairly simple and  just shows the shot speed on the LED display and announces it aloud. The thing that occurred to me was that wouldn’t it be cool if you could keep track of all the shots you have taken practicing shooting off-ice. So I opened up the plastic case and this is what I found.


Radar circuit board

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Game play analysis

This is cool. Even cooler would be to have AI machine learning script analyse the recorded plays.

Pi Zero W: First impressions

pi zero w 001I’ve been playing around with Raspberry pi 2 for some time now. Wireless Zero was published last week and I jumped on the chance to get on the latest wagon. I bought the Zero with case package from The Pi Hut. The device is small and inconspicuous so it will be great for lot of little projects. Zero W seems to be exactly what I wanted. Continue reading ‘Pi Zero W: First impressions’

Composition in VR

I was just watching some 360 degree virtual reality video clips on my ipad and a thought occurred to me. How awesome would it be to shoot VR footage all the time and then in post-processing choose composition of your shots (video or still). This ties nicely into my thoughts on building an algorithm for auto-composition. It would surely save your neck when enjoying a VR experience when there is an already curated list of things happening in front of you.

Archery in VR

I had some free tickets to the DigiExpo fair in Helsinki. One of the things I got to try was the Vive virtual reality headset. Getting handle of the controls was little difficult on The Lab demo, but once I got going it sure was a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed my turn at virtual reality archery. There is lot of magic coming up as these things develop.

Pine64 and PianoHero


I used to play synthesia back when I still had a pc home. Now I wanted to try it on the Pine a64 Android device. To my surprise the USB midi adapter worked right away.

Fideocam concept

Fideocam is a pioneer in automating video tools for personal experience capture.