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Composition in VR

I was just watching some 360 degree virtual reality video clips on my ipad and a thought occurred to me. How awesome would it be to shoot VR footage all the time and then in post-processing choose composition of your shots (video or still). This ties nicely into my thoughts on building an algorithm for auto-composition. It would surely save your neck when enjoying a VR experience when there is an already curated list of things happening in front of you.

Archery in VR

I had some free tickets to the DigiExpo fair in Helsinki. One of the things I got to try was the Vive virtual reality headset. Getting handle of the controls was little difficult on The Lab demo, but once I got going it sure was a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed my turn at virtual reality archery. There is lot of magic coming up as these things develop.

Pine64 and PianoHero


I used to play synthesia back when I still had a pc home. Now I wanted to try it on the Pine a64 Android device. To my surprise the USB midi adapter worked right away.

Hyper-reality Ghostbusters

We went to NYC with my wife and one of the things on my tick list was the Ghostbusters Experience in Madama Tussaud’s. To be honest rest of the stuff in the wax museum was kind of lame (eg. skip the 4d movie). Sure the wax figures are neat and it is interesting to see how big the celebrities are life size, but I forced my second half to join me just for the hyper-reality game play experience created by The Void. I was really interested in seeing how virtual reality would work when you actually get to move about.

Before I go into any spoilers I’m just going to say couple of general comments. First the bad. I was really bummed the virtual reality appeared very blurry to me. I’m farsighted and I was instructed wearing glasses would be ok with Rapture HMD. It turned out that was not the case. Needless to say I was not happy I paid hundred bucks for this sub-par experience. Some have suggested wearing reading glasses would work better for VR. Now that was the bad part. The concept in itself was pretty amazing and here is run down on what to expect.

The general plot is that you walk around in battle gear and super-natural things appear around you. The Void have really put some effort into making it feel real. You walk into a room and a whole wall collapses away. You walk into an elevator and the floor actually shakes. You go outside and feel the wind in your face. As the ghost hit you the vest rumbles. The ladder moves under you as you walk across it. Overall it was a fun experience shooting ghost together and best part was that my wife also thought it was worth the time.

I think there is lot of promise in virtual reality technology and I hope the resolution just improves a lot. HTC  Vive and Oculus Rift apparently run at 2160×1200. Rapture HMD apparently has 2k (1920×1080) per eye. Considering modern mobile phones  already support resolutions up to 2560*1440 there is hope. However I’m not sure how much the problems I experienced was caused by the glasses and how much of it was caused by the resolution. Continue reading ‘Hyper-reality Ghostbusters’

Samsung “intelligent” TVs suck

First the Youtube app stopped working and now Vimeo no longer works. What gives? Samsung just does not care about support for older models. Chances are their software license for the needed codec ended and they clearly have no intention of fixing the issue. The model is only a few years old and cost a bunch of money so you can call their marketing misleading and even downright criminal. Boycott Samsung TV products, people!

Review: Xiaomi Yi

I have thought about getting an action camera for a while now. When the chinese GoPro killer was finally published I plunged in. Xiaomi Yi has a nice simple design. It has just three buttons and four indicator lights. However the instructions were only in Chinese so I had to surf the net a little bit to get going. So far I’m pretty impressed, but there are still some downsides to the gadget. I will be updating the post as I learn more. Continue reading ‘Review: Xiaomi Yi’

Cool stuff

Follow-cam aerial drone has been on my mind since I coded the rules of thirds engine. Future is going to be cool.

Fideocam concept

Fideocam is a pioneer in automating video tools for personal experience capture.